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We mount suspended, drop ceilings and plasterboard walls

Coarse and fine primer application

Plastering and coating of walls and ceilings

Waterproofing of terraces and roofs

Latex and oil-based painting

I am a freelancer in contract with a local company that performs renovation services at competitive prices throughout Singapore. I have years-long experience in the field with a guarantee of quality and correctness toward the customer. If interested, please contact by sms, phone or e-mail at:
Phone: +65 8533 1133

We perform partial and complete renovation projects at reasonable prices throughout Singapore, with a free inspection and a thorough consultation. We proceed in the following order:

- After a phone conversation, we schedule an on-site viewing and consultation
- After the viewing, we prepare the quotation and send it to you by e-mail
- Upon your approval, we proceed to work on the assignments

Here are some sample prices for labor and materials by type of activity: (for reference only and approximate)

  • Surface preparation/gypsum plastering - $ 7/sq meter
  • Fine gypsum plastering - $ 6/sq meter
  • Wall sanding for latex - $ 1.5/sq meter
  • Painting in white latex - $ 4.5/sq meter
  • Painting in two colors - $ 5.5/sq meter
  • Priming 2.5 $/sq meter

and other services as requested.

We work with Nippon and Dulux brands.

All photos are real repairs carried out personally by me. I pledge employer correctness, accuracy and completion within targeted schedules. A few words about myself: I am a civil engineering technician and do not pretend that I know everything about the construction industry, but I also consult with proven specialists in the area after many years of successful career.